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Funny Faces

Face Painting, Art and Drama Services for Workshops, Parties and Events across Cornwall and the South West

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 Aboriginal Art


'The Great Kangaroo' part of an original painting by Delia Webb of Funny Faces



 ' Earth Mother' part of a larger artwork


The culture and history of the Australian Aboriginal people is deeply fascinating and deeply moving. Their art conveys their connection with the earth, with the elements and with all living things.


Lizard Rumba - An original artwork by
Delia Webb

Just as we write down our stories with words, so the Aboriginal people wrote down theirs with pictures and symbols. Sometimes the pictures reflected journeys they had made, or of journeys they were going to make.

At other times the stories would be of their ancestors, or the ancient creatures who lived on the earth many, many years before man.

The First Sunrise - Picture from an Aboriginal creation story retold and illustrated by January Maren Dove

They used a variety of symbols and shapes to represent people, places, and animals.


Examples of Funny Faces artefacts

Direction sticks or Toas


Funny Faces Aboriginal Art workshops teach you how to paint your own picture story or map using traditional colours, methods, and symbols. You will be able to see and touch some of our artefacts, and learn more about the Dreamtime, and traditional Dreamtime stories.

The workshops are suitable for all ages, KS1&2, KS3&4 right through to adults. They can be tailored to meet your class or group's needs and abilities. 


Aboriginal Chough 


 For even more information about Aboriginal Art in Cornwall please visit our sister website